BMI 046: Turning Today’s Skeptical Prospects Into Clients

In this episode, Tom shares his favorite marketing strategies for persuading skeptical prospects and reveals …

  • A simple shortcut for quickly positioning yourself as a trusted authority who delivers the benefits your best prospects want
  • How to create stronger appeal for your product or service using a common musician technique that gives your offers instant credibility
  • 4 psychological tricks to help you persuade more prospects, without sounding sleazy or making anyone feel uncomfortable
  • Why you’re likely overspending when spreading brand awareness, and how — for pennies — you can put your marketing message in front of prospects who already demonstrated desire for what you offer
  • 3 powerful methods for crafting your marketing in a way that taps the mind’s natural desires and better connects with buyers


Mentioned Resources:

Webinar slides – 3 Simple Marketing Strategies That Turn Today’s Skeptical Prospects Into Clients

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